Formation archives update #2

I decided to tweak the archives a bit; you can now access them by either clicking on the Formation Archives link which takes you to the main page with listings by year or by hovering your mouse pointer over the Formation Archives link so that the drop-down menu will automatically appear, which is a nice feature for people with newer web browsers in particular. If you are using an iPad or other tablet, just tap the link for the menu to appear or tap and hold for a moment to go to the page itself (it works well in the iPad’s Safari browser at least as far as I know right now). When using the drop-down menu, you may need to also scroll down in your browser window a bit in order to see all of the archives (currently from 2011 – pending! – to 1925).

Also, the WordPress template for the blog is designed to be best viewed in newer web browsers, including for example the main post and page area which scrolls over the scenic wheatfield image background, another nice touch. But I’ve also tried to keep things fairly simple overall, for those still using older browsers.

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Formation archives update

I’m in the process of updating the formation archives again and also giving them a “spring cleaning” which was long overdue. This includes streamlining the listings, removing a few reports which are actually a better fit in the “unconfirmed” category due to lack of verified photographs and/or ground reports. These ones are now listed under “unconfirmed” for each yearly archive respectively. Confirmed reports are only those with photographs, ground reports or other CCCRN researchers’ confirmation. The new archives are now available via a drop-down menu by clicking on Formation Archives below the blog header. They are organized initially by decade (2010s, 2000s, 1990s, etc.), then again by specific year within each decade. Please note that there were no known reports for 2010, the first time in many years now.

The archives for all years are basic at the moment, to get the new, more accurate listings in place as soon as possible, but I am working on a new chart-style archive for each year, in which available photographs, diagrams and other details will be placed, as well as other new graphs to illustrate various statistical breakdowns (all done with Apple’s excellent Keynote and Numbers programs). Thanks for your patience!

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Blog update

I’ve been updating the CCCRN blog again finally as I have some more time right now. The “new” blog, now hosted on WordPress, has improved layout and functionality, with more of the “standard” blog features such as full-length posts on the main page, more widgets, a choice of RSS or email updates, monthly archives, categories, tags, pingbacks, etc. I’ve re-added some pages and will add more including the formation archives. I’ve also added the links (side column on the main blog page) to follow CCCRN on Twitter or become a “fan” on the Facebook page. I can also now more easily update the blog when mobile, on the iPad and iPhone, with the WordPress app.

Although there were no confirmed Canadian reports last year, for the first time in many years, hopefully there will be again this summer/fall. I’m also still debating the level of my continued involvement re the previous blog post last fall, but we’ll see what happens this year… and as it is now mid-April, the first reports in England could be any day now (three formations in Indonesia and one in Mexico already reported this year).

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CCCRN Changes

After much thinking, I’ve decided to take a step back from my involvement with crop circle research, primarily because of time, expense and other personal reasons. After doing this since the early 1990s, I feel it is time for a change.

Other members of CCCRN are still active however and can take any reports (although there haven’t been any this year…). I will keep contact information and other archives listed there.

This blog is now being hosted at WordPress (still in raw form right now), which is a much better blogging platform than iWeb (part of Apple’s MobileMe) which I had previously been using; I am an otherwise long-time user and supporter of all things Apple, but for blogging specifically, iWeb still lacks a lot of key features. The url ( is still the same. At this point, the blog will mainly be an archive and resource for research purposes.

This is also in keeping with my other primary blog on planetary exploration, The Meridiani Journal, which I also just moved to WordPress. Space science and astronomy have always been my main passion since I was little and I want to focus more on this again…

Thanks to everyone for their support over the years. 🙂


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